Is Solitaire Cash Legit? (App Reviews, Cheats, & Promo Code) (2024)

All those hours spent playing old PC games when your boss wasn’t looking means you know a thing or two about Solitaire. So why not play for money? If only it were that easy.

Rumors are swirling that Solitaire Cash is simply a scam—so let’s find out if it’s really possible to put those office hours to good use and build a fun side hustle.

This article will show you—

  • If Solitaire Cash is legit or a scam.

  • If you can get paid to play Solitaire.

  • How to play for money.

  • What to know about Solitaire Cash hacks.

  • Other apps like Solitaire Cash.

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Solitaire Cash Review: Key Features



App ratings

iOS: 4.6 out of 217,089 reviews.

Android: 4.4 out of 122,092 reviews.


Free to download and play practice rounds.

You can pay $1 to $12 per round to play cash tournaments.


Must be 17 from the App Store and 18 from the Samsung Store.

Game types

  • Free practice rounds (“free roll” games).

  • Cash tournaments.

  • Daily bonuses.

Earning potential

Up to $83 per tournament.

What is Solitaire Cash?

Solitaire Cash is a mobile app developed by Papaya Gaming in 2016.

The app gives you the chance to play classic Solitaire games while earning real cash rewards.

It’s free to download on both iOS and Android devices and it’s easy to use.

You can either play against yourself or get competitive with other players in daily tournaments to win real cash prizes.

And there’s no shortage of users to play against—the app has over 12 million downloads all over the world.

Solitaire Cash has received thousands of positive reviews on iOS and Android, with an average score of 4.5 out of 5.

On the flip side, the app has also received its fair share of criticism—with many claiming it’s nothing more than a scam.

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Is Solitaire Cash Legit?

Short answer—yes.

Solitaire Cash is a legitimate app that has been developed by a reputable company with thousands of positive reviews and millions of downloads.

And if you’re on the cautious side—remember the app is free to use.

While there are opportunities to splurge, you’re under no obligation to spend anything—you can even enter some cash tournaments for free by using gems (more on that later).

So, how does Solitaire Cash make money?

As well as collecting a small portion of tournament money, Solitaire Cash earns dollars by showing ads between games. Those funds are then used to pay out cash rewards to players.

If you want to up the stakes and enter a tournament, you can rest easy knowing the app uses secure payment methods to make sure you receive your payouts.

The Solitaire money app also has a public leaderboard and is pretty transparent about the number of players and payouts made.

All seems above board—right?

Or Is Solitaire Cash A Scam?

Recently, the FBI issued a warning about criminals creating fake gaming apps to steal millions in cryptocurrency. So it’s no surprise that folks are on high alert when it comes to money apps.

And if you’ve done even a little research into Solitaire Cash, you’ve probably seen the word “scam” pop up more than once.

Is there any truth to this?

Despite the app being legit, many have claimed it misleads users into thinking they can earn more than is actually possible.

Some have complained that they’re encouraged to pay up for only small amounts of cash bonuses and gems in return.

Others have argued that you stand more chance of losing money than winning—and that there’s no way of knowing if you’re playing against real users or robots. (Although there’s no solid proof that the games are rigged.)

Ultimately, playing games with real money means that you could win more cash—but you could also lose it all. And spending money on apps is nothing new with over $320,000 being spent through apps every minute in 2021.

Want to avoid losing money? The simple solution is not to fork out any cash while you play.

And if you want to risk playing with cash, just remember that there’s a good chance you could leave empty-handed.

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Does Solitaire Cash Really Pay?

Yes, but there’s no guarantee.

The best way to earn some cash is by entering daily tournaments.

The number of cash prizes for daily tournaments can range from just a few cents up to several dollars, depending on the number of players and the prize pool.

Other factors that can determine how much you earn include:

  • Your skill level.

  • The number of games you play.

  • The prizes available.

Referral cash bonuses can also add up if you invite enough friends and family to join the app.

But even if you win the jackpot—the amount you earn certainly isn’t the same as earning a full-time income. And on the whole, you’ll need to pay real money to get anything back.

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How Does Solitaire Cash Work?

When you first start the app, you’ll play practice rounds to get used to the platform, show your skill level, and earn those all-important gems by logging in daily.

Practice rounds (or “free roll” games) don’t cost a cent—but you won’t get any real money for playing either. However, you can use gems you earn to enter tournaments.

How do you earn gems?

You can earn gems by logging in everyday and receiving a daily bonus—starting from 30 gems on day one and 100 gems on day seven.

You’ll also get ten gems for watching ads (limited to five a day) and two additional gems for every $1 you deposit.

Once you get enough gems, you can enter tournaments and potentially earn cash.

To enter the tournaments, you can use your hard-earned gems (around 120 per match) or submit real money of around $1 to $12 per round.

How to sign up

Signing up is easy.

Here are the steps to follow to sign up for Solitaire Cash:

  1. Download the Solitaire Cash app from the App Store or Samsung Store.

  2. Once the app is installed, open it on your device.

  3. Create an account—you can sign up using your Facebook account or your email address.

  4. If you choose to sign up with your email address, you’ll need to provide your name, and email address, and create a password.

  5. After you have entered your details, click the “Sign Up” button.

  6. Once your account is created, you’re ready to start playing Solitaire.

Who can play?

Sorry kids, there are age restrictions on who can play.

If you’re downloading from the Apple App Store, you need to be at least 17 years old, and 18 from the Samsung Galaxy Store.

And if you’ve got an Android, you’re out of luck as the app isn’t available on the Google Play store.

But the restrictions don’t stop there—

You can’t play cash tournaments if you live in any of the following states:

How to Play Solitaire Cash?

There are two types of gameplay on Solitaire Cash—

  • Free Practice Rounds.

  • Cash Tournaments.

If you’re a total novice to Solitaire, it’s best to build up your skill and experience with the free practice rounds before diving into the tournaments.

If you’re completely lost, here’s a breakdown of how to play the free practice rounds online:

  1. You’ll be given a number of cards—which you must place in the correct order to win.

  2. The goal of the game is to move all the cards into the foundation piles in ascending order, starting with the Ace and ending with the King.

  3. To do this, you must place cards in descending order with alternating colors in the rows of cards on the board.

  4. You can move cards between the columns in the rows or to the foundation piles if possible. (Certain cards can’t be moved until they meet specific conditions, like freeing up a space or moving a card of a certain rank.)

  5. You win the game after you move all the cards to the foundation piles in the correct order.

Cash Tournaments

Once you’ve learned the ropes, you can move on to the cash tournaments and potentially add more than just gems to your collection.

You can choose the tournament you’d like to play, with each game having a set entry fee, number of players (4–7), and a prize pool.

For example, an 8-player tournament with a $3.50 entry fee could have a $21 prize pool, while a 20-player tournament with a $4 entry fee could have a $70 prize pool.

Some cash tournaments will also let you enter with just gems (around 120) or a small cash amount plus gems.

In the tournament, each player has their own identical set of cards and layout—the fastest to complete their deck or get the highest score wins the prize pool (which you can redeem via PayPal once you’ve reached the $5 minimum).

But don’t fold under pressure, as you’ll only have five minutes to complete the game against users with a similar skill or experience level to your own.

And if you’re not crowned champion, you lose the money you paid to enter.


If you want to enter tournaments for free, you’ll need to get your hands on those shiny digital rocks.

Here are the best ways to earn gems—

  • Daily Bonus: Get free gems every 24 hours by selecting the daily bonus button and collecting your reward.

  • Watch Ads: View a short ad to earn ten bonus gems.

You can also get a $1 bonus if you rope your friends in to join through your referral code.

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Are There Any Solitaire Cash Cheats?

This isn’t Sims where repeatedly typing “rosebud” will see the cash rolling in. And that’s probably a good thing, as nobody gets an unfair advantage.

But to get a higher score, a top tip is to end the round early and claim your unused time bonus—this can pile on the points and lead you to victory.

You can also get extra gems and money by referring friends, playing the game every day, and using other people’s promo codes.

What is the promo code for Solitaire Cash?

The Solitaire Cash app promo codes change monthly, but you can find the code by searching for Solitaire Cash on social media or checking out their own accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Once you’ve found and entered your promo code into the app, you’ll get rewarded with cash or gems.

Games Like Solitaire Cash

If Solitaire Cash sounds too much like a wild card, check out these other online games that can help you earn some extra cash:

  • Bingo Clash: Take part in multiplayer matches with friends and strangers, earn rewards, and unlock new levels of gameplay.

  • Solitaire Cube: Join fast-paced head-to-head matches with other users, win real money, and climb the leaderboards.

  • 21 Blitz: Make quick decisions and score big points by combining elements of the 21-card game with Solitaire.

  • Blackout Bingo: Earn power-ups and collectible rewards as you aim to achieve the coveted “blackout” status.

  • Dominoes Gold: Compete in one-on-one matches, win cash prizes, and unlock new levels and rewards while enjoying the timeless strategy of classic dominoes.

  • Pool Payday: Bring competitive pool to your fingertips by challenging players to win matches, earn rewards, and climb the ranks as you hone your skills to become a pool champion.

  • Bubble Cash: Enjoy the addictive fun of bubble-popping games with the chance to win real money.

  • Big Buck Hunter: Experience the excitement of arcade-style hunting while challenging players to take aim, score points, and compete in head-to-head matches.

  • Mistplay: Get rewards for playing your favorite games—earn gift cards, prizes, and other incentives simply by trying out new games and logging playtime.

  • Rewarded Play: Earn rewards and gift cards by playing games and taking surveys—an easy way to earn extra cash and prizes in your spare time.

And if you’re all gamed out, take a look at the top side hustle apps.

Is Solitaire Cash Worth It?

If your finger is still hovering over that “download” button, here are some final thoughts

Solitaire Cash is a fun way to play your favorite game online—it uses all the enticing tactics to keep you hooked by rewarding you with gems and letting you progress to higher levels.

For those in it for the cash, you could earn some extra dollars if you’re confident in your gameplay and you have enough spare change to take the gamble.

However, if money is tight and you’re looking for an extra source of income—Solitaire Cash isn’t the best choice.

You could end up losing more than you earn, and the amount that you get likely won’t be enough to supplement a full-time income.


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