Merchants And Quartermasters - All Items (2024)

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About this mod

---DL v1.49.x Compatible--- Adds all items to all merchants, quartermasters, or both merchants and quartermasters. You can customize the price of items bought and sold at shops (quartermaster items are free). You can also customize what items are offered at both merchants and quartermasters to limit their inventories and lessen load time.

Permissions and credits

· Merchants And Quartermasters - All Items ·


by StinVec

Merchants And Quartermasters - All Items (1)

· This mod adds all items to all merchants, quartermasters, or both merchants and quartermasters ·

· Provides a customization file to exclude items of specific types and color tiers from being offered at merchants and/or quartermasters ·

· Provides a customization file to limit the scope of which merchants are affected by the mod (one, one per map, all) ·

· Provides a customization file to customize the price of items at merchants (items at quartermasters are all free) ·

· Optional File: Merchant Price Customization Only - Standalone mod only offering the ability to customize the price/value of items at merchants ·


_________________________________________________ Customization _________________________________________________

  • The prices of items being sold at merchants and the value of items being sold to merchants can be increased or decreased as desired via an included customization file.
  • Inventories of merchants and/or quartermasters can be limited as desired and separately via included customization files.
  • All merchants are affected by default in the MAI and MQAI mod versions. This can be changed to only the Slums Tower Lobby merchant being affected or to 1 merchant per map (Slums Tower Lobby, Embers Tower, Jasir's Farm) via an included customization file.


  • This mod adds over 1,200 different items to merchant and/or quartermaster inventories. Due to loading all possible color variations for most of these items by default, this results in around 3,600 items being listed at merchants and quartermasters.
  • As the game and the merchant/quartermaster interface was not designed for loading this many items, bringing up merchant and quartermaster windows will cause your game to hang for upward of 30 seconds to 1 minute or so as it loads all of those items, as well as when it updates after purchasing an item.


  • To lessen this loading/updating hang time, or if you have no interest in items of specific types or color tiers being loaded, you can utilize the included customization file(s) to instead load only specific item categories and weapons of specific color tiers to drastically reduce the load/update hang time.


  • Some items cannot be listed at merchants due to not having a price defined on them in the game files (Disaster Relief Packages, specific weapons, etc). These items will instead be available only at quartermasters using the MQAI or QAI version of the mod as items at quartermasters do not require a price to be set for them to be offered due to all items being free.



If you like to use this mod and feel it adds to your enjoyment of the game, I would appreciate it greatly if you would please
consider coming back and

donating to me via PayPal using the Donate dropdown above this mod description

if you are able to.

If even $1 or some pocket change is not something you would be interested in donating, please consider taking
a few seconds to register on or log into Nexusmods and endorse this file to show you appreciate this mod.

I sincerely thank you for using my mod(s) and for possibly considering my above request.


____________________________________________________ Recent Updates ____________________________________________________

2024, June 25
· MAI.6.49.8b Released ·
(view 'Logs' tab for update details)

  • Corrected an error in the Merchant's Only 'Default' file version that was causing empty merchant/quartermaster inventories
  • Thank you very much to NexusMods user "3228649297" for bringing this error of mine to my attention so I could correct it!

2024, May 14






Released ·
(view 'Logs' tab for update details)

  • Removed "Hell Coin" (Hellraid DLC Currency) from the mod customization files as the item can no longer be listed at merchants or quartermasters
  • If you are interested in gaining 1,000,000 Hellraid Coins, I created a mod called "Auto-million Hellraid Coins" that will automatically give you 1,000,000 Hellraid Coins upon loading into your save game


[ View 'Docs' tab and/or included documents for install/uninstall and customization information ]

[ Compatible up to Dying Light v



Merchants And Quartermasters - All Items (2024)
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