The 5 Best Video Content Management Systems (CMS) In 2024 (2024)

The 5 Best Video Content Management Systems (CMS) In 2024 (3)

Last Updated — February 02, 2024

Videos are an important means of engagement today. They are not just a source of entertainment, but they are now considered as the most effective means to connect with the customers too, by many businesses. Businesses are making use of videos for training, tutorials, product updates, meetings and video marketing. This is why the demand for video content management systems are on rise.

So, if you want to know more about Video Content Management System (CMS) and how to choose the best CMS for video content for your business, this blog will help you through.

A content management system (CMS) is a software that facilitates those who have a website, to add fresh content, manage the existing videos, share and update videos on their site. All this can be done without much technical knowledge, using a video CMS. It is a platform that lets its users organize, distribute, store and monetize online videos.

Video CMS also offers secure video hosting facilities, user-friendly interface and many other features to empower video content publishers.

Working with Video CMS has its own challenges. Storages run out of space, optimizing the video content management software to be able to work on phones and other devices, detailed data analytics are a few of these challenges.

A good video CMS is able to resolve these pain points and let the user have a smooth working experience. Among the pool of CMS systems, every CMS has a different level of video management ability. Here is a list of important features to look for in a high-end video CMS.

  • Large Storage Space

Videos are normally larger in size and consume a lot of storage space. As the size and quality of videos get better, the video size gets even bigger. A good CMS is constructed with an enterprise video hosting service that has the ability to store and upload all your videos on third-party servers.

  • Interruption-free Streaming

Top CMSs can stream the video content flawlessly across all devices without disruption. CMS should optimize streaming experience on various devices and should also detect the quality of users’ internet connection to fine-tune video quality accordingly.

  • Privacy and Security

YouTube is a good video marketing platform, but it is a public podium. CMS should have the feature to manage private and limited access video contents like training videos and meeting proceedings. A good CMS empowers secure viewing and prevents unauthorized access to your videos.

  • Advanced Search

Fundamental objective of every video CMS is to methodize your videos and streaming process. An ace CMS will have enhanced search feature to let you search videos by filename, title or any metadata entered.

  • API Integrations

When you need a lot of customization choices, it is good to look for a CMS that has a full platform API to have complete control over your video content. A full platform API allows you to add as many features as you may want into your video content management platform.

  • Video Library Movements

Video Library migration is the capability of CMS to migrate from one platform to the other effortlessly. You might at some point need to migrate all of your video content to a different CMS. To simplify this, look for a hassle-free migration feature in your CMS.

  • Live Streaming

CMS also provisions live broadcasting of meetings, webinars, product launches and other live events. Your CMS should have the feature to save videos, after the meetings end.

  • Video Analytics

Video Analytics can trace a number of facts about your video’s performances. This helps to shape your video strategy. Analytics feature can tell how many people watched the video, duration watched, part of the video that was most viewed, etc. CMS can also add extra analytics features for more insights.

  • Encoding and Transcoding

Raw videos need to be optimized and compressed for smooth playback on various devices. That is why, video encoding and transcoding features become inevitable. A quality video CMS will have these services on offer.

  • White-Labelled Player

For the video publishers finding a white-labelled CMS is essential to build a strong brand presence and an uphill work. A white-label video CMS, is one that can deliver a fully brandable domain or a one that matches your brand’s personality. So, for powerful customizations pick white-labelled video CMSs.

  • Monetization facilities

Your CMS should give you a choice of varied and effective monetization tools. AVOD, SVOD and TVOD are predominant video monetization models at present and your CMS must have features and functionalities to integrate these models into your video platform.

1. VPlayed

The 5 Best Video Content Management Systems (CMS) In 2024 (4)

VPlayed is a leading video streaming solution that offers enterprise-grade video content management systems to empower broadcasters with enriching and exclusive features. Their CMS architecture is designed to meet the needs of OTT businesses and content management needs. It has a high-end VOD platform that can maintain a video library that has a multitude of options and tools for content management.


· Smart Upload

· Bulk import and export with its advanced CMS

· Drag-and-drop Video Scheduling

· User-friendly CMS Dashboard

· Multiple File Format Support

· Robust Marketing and Video Analytics

· Metadata Management

· White-labeling

2. Panopto

The 5 Best Video Content Management Systems (CMS) In 2024 (5)

Panopto online video Content Management System suits best for internal education related use. Panopto’s CMS can manage security and scale for your video assets. Since LMSs, CMSs and CRMs are not specifically designed for video management, and can slow down your network, Panopto integrates with all these internal systems so that you can manage your videos. But Panopto lags behind in terms of external video streaming capabilities and has no customization options.


·Video cloud hosting and cloud security

· Video transcoding video optimization for the user’s device.

· Video analytics to monitor content performance.

· Adaptive bit-rate streaming for better streaming

3. Brightcove

The 5 Best Video Content Management Systems (CMS) In 2024 (6)

Brightcove has a cloud-based video CMS solution. The users can upload, modify and distribute videos from mobile and web browsers. Mostly known for being user-friendly and its high-level security features, it prioritizes organization in their CMS. However it is a bit expensive for small businesses and individuals to afford video scheduling according to the geographic location.


· ‘Quick Publish’ in one easy step.

· An automated grouping of content

· ‘Video Cloud’ model

· In-depth analytics in embedded videos, additional integrations are necessary

· Metadata Search

4.IBM Cloud Video

The 5 Best Video Content Management Systems (CMS) In 2024 (7)

It is a completely integrated, scalable and user-friendly video CMS. It can live-stream and also offer on-demand video streaming services. It uses the latest technologies like AI to provide advanced and accurate services. It uses a cloud-based platform, provides video APIs and video plugins to developers so that they can integrate the CMS into their own platform.


· Real-time Analytics

· Auto-captioning videos through AI

· Provides top video monetization platform

· Custom metadata to for improved search

· Easy video embedding on external sites

5. Wistia

The 5 Best Video Content Management Systems (CMS) In 2024 (8)

Wistia is designed with focus on better marketing of video content. Content creators can leverage its interactive tools and controls to benefit the most from its marketing campaigns and detailed insights. It also uses cloud-based storage for videos and has innovative integrations for marketing applications.


· Fully Customizable

· Quick and Light Uploads

· Optimization of Videos for SEO benefits

· Content Performance Analytics

· Video hosting with password protection


Hope that this blog has been an informative discussion about video CMSs. We learned about Video CMSs, their ideal features, and the best video CMS platforms available in the market. This will help you make personalized analysis based on your business needs and understand which one fits your business.

Video Content management is an arduous task, but it gets easy with a wisely chosen, dependable video CMS software. A wrong CMS can cause a lot of glitches in daily business activities. Along with all the said advanced features, it is essential that your solution provider is a white-labelled player. Vplayed is a trusted global leader that uses future grade technologies, and delivers high quality videos with its enterprise CMS solution. The right video CMS will be a significant leap forward for your business, so ponder over your decision duly.

The 5 Best Video Content Management Systems (CMS) In 2024 (2024)
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