Video Management Software and Systems (VMS) (2024)

Discover the potential of AI video analytics and video management software to detect anomalies, automate investigations and boost operational efficiency.

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Video Management Software and Systems (VMS) (1) Video Management Software and Systems (VMS) (2)

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Smarter security with AI-powered video analytics

Avigilon enhances security with real-time previews and automated alerts, powered by intelligent video analytics. Streamline operations and achieve maximum efficiency through informed decision making.

Video Management Software and Systems (VMS) (3)

Superior situational awareness

Secure, scalable and easy to use, Avigilon’s video management systems provide an enterprise-grade, AI-enabled solution, equipped with integrated machine learning capabilities.

  • Prevent information overload

    Focus on what matters most with AI video analytics that alert operators to security events that need immediate attention, when and where they happen.

  • Proactive security powered byAI

    Using perimeter and behavior data to detect, identify and classify anomalies involving vehicles, people of interest and objects in real-time.

  • Intuitive video management

    Extend visibility across any number of sites and locations, with the ability to customize video views to see the most relevant footage.

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Video Management Software and Systems (VMS) (4)

Find what you’re looking for faster

When every minute counts, video management software with advanced search technology speeds your investigations without sacrificing any level of detail.

Video Management Software and Systems (VMS) (5)

See security in greater detail

Avigilon video management systems are equipped with advanced video analytics technology and features that bring all the details intofocus.

  • Facial Recognition

    Enrich fixed video feeds with the ability to efficiently detect faces. Create, edit and control watch lists to always have timely and accurate searches.

  • License Plate Recognition

    Enable security operators to search and quickly find specific captured license plate videos for verification and investigation.

  • Occupancy analytics

    Gain important insights to optimize traffic flow and space utilization with real-time occupancy counting and heatmap analytics.

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Video Management Software and Systems (VMS) (6)

Flexible video management software

Avigilon gives you the flexibility to deploy an advanced video management system that fits your unique security needs.

  • Cloud capable video systems

    Deploy Avigilon Alta Aware directly to the cloud, run acloud-managed site through Unity Cloud Services, or deploy aCloud Connector for africtionless transition.

  • Powerful on-premise VMS appliances

    Gain an end-to-end video analytics solution by integrating with Avigilon’s Unity Video, cameras and Network Video Recorders (NVRs).

  • Always secure, accessible and up todate

    Receive automatic software updates from the cloud, with end-to-end encrypted data and secure remote access from anywhere in theworld.

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We meet you where youstand

Stay effortlessly aware with AI-powered monitoring and alerts, whether you choose acloud-based or on-premise VMS. Be future-ready with unlimited scalability, automated updates and instant, over-the-air enhancements. React faster and with greater awareness of what is happening at any given moment.

Video Management Software and Systems (VMS) (7)

Alta Aware CloudVMS

Intelligence within reach. Our cloud-based AI video analytics software has the power to provide 360-degree awareness to your Avigilon Ava cloud IP cameras or to your existing cameras and sensors.

  • Powerful insights with Smart Presence™

    Add maps of all your locations in Avigilon Alta Aware to gain enhanced situational awareness. Classify and assign people, vehicles and other objects as they move on your premises.

  • Highlight relevant video with Spotlight

    Powered by deep learning, Alta Aware automatically changes video streams with real-time alerts and notifications to describe the incident, the time and the place it occurred.

  • Speed investigations with Smart Search™

    Search by event and similarity, and perform appearance and image detection powered by machine learning capabilities to quickly comb through countless hours of video throughout your entire deployment.

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Video Management Software and Systems (VMS) (8)

Avigilon UnityVideo

On-premise VMS that highlights the most important security information at your fingertips, so that you are always kept instantly in the know for the moments that matter.

  • Next-Generation Video Analytics

    Accelerate response times by quickly identifying people of interest with AI that delivers actionable results through advanced pattern-based analytics, teach-by-example technology and facial recognition.

  • Focus of Attention

    Make watching live video obsolete with an intuitive view of your site. The AI-enabled interface provides color-coded alerts, indicating importance level, for events requiring attention.

  • Appearance Search

    Expedite investigations and improve incident response time by initiating asearch across multiple sites of avehicle or person based on physical descriptions or by uploaded photo orvideo.

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Compliance and certifications

Avigilon Alta and Unity VMS are compliant with global government regulations and ensure our commitment to good security culture, technology and processes.

ISO 27001 certified

GDPR Compliant

SAFETY Act Designation

SOC 2 Type II Certified

NDAA Compliant

FIPS 140-2 Support

Video management software FAQ

Our video security experts are happy to help you with your purchase. Simply select Get pricing’ and provide us with some quick information. Our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Contact our experts to schedule ademo and learn how our intuitive video management software works. Learn how you can use our advanced features and intelligent analytics to facilitate smarter, more efficient security management.

An important factor to keep in mind is scalability to ensure that the system can accommodate increasing numbers of users, cameras and locations. Other considerations include easy integrations with other systems, auser-friendly interface and advanced video analytics like motion, object and facial recognition.

A VMS is asoftware designed to observe video footage and manage recordings, cloud camera storage and retrieval of video footage in asurveillance security system. These software are commonly used in places that employ video surveillance, such as commercial spaces, government facilities, educational institutions and public spaces.

Key advantages of aVMS include increased security, as the presence of asurveillance system can act as acrime deterrent, and recorded footage can be used as evidence in investigations. AVMS like Avigilon’s also improves convenience and strengthens safety with features such as remote access, real-time monitoring and instant alerts to speed up response times.

Most VMS are designed to be compatible with awide variety of security cameras – such as analog, thermal and IP security cameras – provided they follow video streaming protocols. With Avigilon’s end-to-end solution, you can choose from awide range of cameras that work with the intuitive VMS to create holistic security.

Integrating your VMS with existing security tools is essential for creating acomprehensive and efficient security infrastructure, allowing different systems to work seamlessly together. Look for an open API and ONVIF conformant systems like Avigilon to ensure seamless integrations with other systems.

With an on-prem VMS, users are responsible for maintaining the infrastructure, but offer control over system customization. It is ideal for companies required to comply with regulations.

A cloud-based VMS like Avigilon’s offers scalability, enabling users to adjust resources based on changing needs. It is ideal for orgs that need more flexibility.

When choosing storage for aVMS, factors like capacity, performance, scalability and budget considerations should be taken into account. The choice of storage depends on the specific requirements of the surveillance system and the organization’s overall infrastructure strategy.

A VMS is acrucial component in surveillance, as it provides acentralized platform for managing and watching video footage from security cameras and other devices. Avigilon’s system offers incident response and post-event analysis, enabling proactive monitoring.

Plan which security cameras to use, install the VMS and connect cameras, set up user accounts, permissions and storage settings, and integrate VMS with other security systems.

For an easy installation process, choose an end-to-end solution like Avigilon that ensures easy integrations with security cameras and other systems like access control.

Best practices include implementing encryption data, enforcing user authentication, and regularly updating the VMS software. It is also crucial to incorporate physical security measures, establish clear data retention policies and comply with privacy regulations such as the NDAA andGDPR.

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Our video security experts can help you implement the right security system for your business.

Video Management Software and Systems (VMS) (2024)
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