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Axxon One is limitlessly scalable video management software that fits both small and large video surveillance installations, including multi-location deployments. Axxon One stands out as one of the best video management software options leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence to deliver unique value, featuring intelligent video management system capabilities and customizable video analytics.

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Axxon One 2.0 Released


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Integration with Physical Security Systems


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Similarity Search


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AI Vehicle Make & Model Recognition


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Dynamic Privacy Mask


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Point of Sale (POS) Supervision


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New User Interface


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Connecting to Multiple Sites via the Cloud


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OpenStreetMap & Google Maps integration


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Monitoring Multi-Story Buildings


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Enhanced Web Client Capabilities


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Web Client Alarm Panel


Features of Axxon One Intelligent VMS

Unlimited Scalability Seamlessly integrate and operate distributed installations as a single, powerful video management system. Experience the power of AI and cloud-based technologies in our top-notch video security software. Learn more AI-Powered Video Analytics Detect humans/vehicles, fire/smoke, or abnormal behavior/conditions and automatically notify security staff with our intelligent video management system. Learn more Smart Forensic Search Accelerate investigations with our intelligent video management software. Swiftly find the required information by setting your search criteria and receiving results in seconds. Learn more Video Footage Management Effortlessly manage video footage, view and sync video in edge storage, use enhanced export features, and mask any static or moving objects in recorded video with our cutting-edge video management software. Learn more Cybersecurity and Data Protection Safeguard your VMS from unauthorized access, prevent data breaches, and maintain uninterrupted operations. Ensure robust security with our advanced video management software. Learn more Experience all features

Unified VMS

Cloud-Managed VMS

Search in Seconds

Employ the Power of AI

Security Systems Integration

Unification provides an effective approach to security that ensures comprehensive and accurate situational awareness based on data from multiple sources. Axxon One integrates with access control systems, fire and intruder alarms, and perimeter protection systems. It links video footage to various events and enables complex response scenarios tailored to specific situations, making security measures more targeted and effective.


A free cloud service for working with on-premises Axxon One video management systems, including those distributed across multiple locations. AxxonNet provides convenient and secure remote video monitoring, customizable reporting based on video analytics data, and centralized management of watchlists for real-time license plate recognition.

Smart Search

Discover intelligent video management software with advanced technologies for efficient data retrieval. Quickly search by license plates, vehicle makes and models, similarity in appearance, and more, streamlining video investigations and maximizing your security staff's efficiency. Simplify video management with our innovative system.

AI-Powered Analytics

Experience the power of AI-driven video analysis solutions in our cutting-edge video management software. Our intelligent video management system offers a wide range of benefits, including human/vehicle detection, fire and smoke detection, behavior analytics, LPR, object counting, and on-demand AI training for specific tasks like PPE detection. Discover our VMS software with top-notch video management features today.

Technical specifications

A convenient table view of Axxon One VMS core functions, special features, video analytics, and supported devices and standards.

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PDF version of the complete Axxon One presentation containing detailed information about our advanced video management software.

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Detailed information about Axxon One VMS features and technologies in a PDF format.

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Axxon One Editions

Explore our diverse VMS and choose your video management option. The number of desktop, mobile, and web clients is unlimited. No payment for them is charged.



Professional Features

Up to 30 servers in a distributed system

Unlimited number of cameras in a system

Onvif Profile S, G, T, M



All Pro Features +

Storage replication

Motion events summary




All Enterprise Features +

Unlimited number of servers in a distributed system

Datacenter Domain Unification

Integration with Physical Security Systems

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Industry-Specific Security Solutions

Vertical security solutions based on Axxon One VMS and Axxon PSIM have proven their effectiveness in thousands of projects, no matter the scale and complexity. With the capacity to construct truly intelligent AI-powered video surveillance systems or incorporated physical security solutions, they are trusted by many clients.

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Any Scale. Full Functionality. AI-Enabled

Axxon One Video Management Software combines innovative technologies and experience with deployment at tens of thousands of sites. It’s a balanced product that can meet the needs of any project, whatever the scale or complexity. With no limit on the total number of cameras, servers and clients, our video management system offers full functionality even for smaller installations. Moreover, to meet your very specific needs, we implement a turnkey AI video analytics training program.

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Video Management Software - Axxon One VMS (2024)
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